Day 6 of 30 days, 30 illustrations

Day 6: Dancers in pencil and ink

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”
– Osho

Dancing 2 -Holly Sharpe 72dpi

Following on from yesterday’s illustration (which you can see here), here is my second version of dancers.. let me know which one you prefer?

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”
– Susan Polis Schutz


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BE. inspired.

Sky - Holly Sharpe
‘Sky’ (sold)

Spring is here, and along with that so much light, everywhere, and a strong sense of hope. That is how I feel anyway. I love this time of year, when it feels like anything is possible and each day is getting longer – in Scotland anyway… Hopefully these words are uplifting in some way…. I wrote them on my phone on the bus after meeting a friend who was full of energy and enthusiasm and it made me light up and want to share it.

Let yourself be inspired.
Seek inspiration.
It is everywhere.
Don’t see it? Think your life is boring and the same every day?
That is your mind and the way it has been conditioned to think that life is dull, boring, and unexciting.
Open your eyes. Open your heart, and let in the thing that is always there, it longs to break free and escape the mundane.
All you have to do is change your perspective and see things differently. It all comes from your mind.
Everything you look at will change, if you change your mind.
Walk on the other side of the road.
Drive a different way to work.
Smile at someone.
Start a conversation with someone you wouldn’t usually.
Speak like you mean it.
Act like you mean it.
Do everything with more awareness.
If you are more aware you will start to notice even small glimpses of hope, and little opportunities that you don’t even realise you usually walk straight by because you decided that you are stuck and that you don’t deserve better.
If you do even small things and start to change your mind, your heart, and see things differently, I promise you your world will start to open up. Things and people will come your way, if you believe it is possible for things to change, they will.

This is all a practice. It is about breaking long term bad mental habits, like being negative and not seeing opportunities but rather always feeling stuck and like there is no option. And instead to practice building up good mental habits, like choosing to be happy, trying to think with clarity and remember that there is always a solution. Whatever situation you feel trapped in, there will be a solution. It might not be an easy one, but, if you don’t scale the mountain, you won’t see the view….

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Fashion. Diaries. day 9.

D&G H.Sharpe 05

Here is my latest (and slightly overdue!) fashion illustration of the INCREDIBLE D&G Alta Moda collection. Images from >> 

I really hope to have time to draw more from the collection..

D&G H.Sharpe 01

Fashion. Diaries. day 8.

Elie SAAB: Holly Sharpe 3

Elie SAAB: Holly Sharpe wip

Here is my latest Fashion sketch…

Based on images from the Trend Council website of the Elie Saab SS16 Couture collection. It is a beautiful collection… but it did leave me craving some bright colours after looking at it for a while! Above is a work in progress pic of my starting point with quink ink ^^

The final image is ink, pencil and a touch of a brush pen to give it some colour… the ink base did mean the overall image is much darker than the dress/ image in the flesh… but hopefully I still captured something of it… If I was to critique it myself… I would say my image is a bit too heavy compared with the essence of the collection… I have turned it a bit gothic/ dark, which wasn’t intentional necessarily. I think I might have subconsciously been trying to make it edgier/ more dramatic, and with that perhaps loosing the romantic, delicate feel of the collection..Something to keep in mind for next time perhaps…

Elie SAAB: Holly Sharpe 4

Elie Saab: Holly Sharpe 1

Holly, x

Fashion Diaries. day 7.

photo 1


photo 4

Tried to keep things loose with this one and didn’t spend very long on it at all…it’s always easier to keep things quick and loose if I go straight in with the ink, which I did, and then added some watercolour to bring out the colour, and then finished it off with some pencil detail here and there. Although would maybe like to go back in and add some detail with pen… or will just leave it as it is and move on to another one!

I love Erdem. This is from there Fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

Back with more soon..,

Holly x

Fashion Diaries. day 5.

Anna Sui blueAnna Sui blue close upANNA SUI blue close up2

Another one from the amazing ANNA SUI 2015 fall ready-to-wear collection. See my first one in the previous post here. Created with pencil, pen and brush pens, oh a a little bit of coloured pencils!
Read the intro to my Fashion Diaries here.

Fashion Diaries: part 1

Fashion Diaries-front cover-H.Sharpe

I have had this in my head to start for a whiiile now…. and finally, over the Christmas holidays, when I took proper time off, switched off and relaxed, I did. Further into the holidays, I had an urge to start drawing. And lately I am trying to go with a feeling when it arises, when I feel like drawing, or painting, something in particular, I do it. And equally, when I don’t feel like drawing anything, I try to accept that and know that it will come back again, it always does. But that is exactly why I have to go with the momentum when it is there! And sometimes it does tend appear when I am most relaxed and feel no pressure to produce for a set purpose in mind, but just because I enjoy it. So, with a glass (or two!) of prosecco in hand, that is exactly what I did.

The idea first started on a train journey last year when I was on my way to teach a fashion illustration workshop… I feel really focused on trains because you can’t go anywhere, and have no distractions. So the two illustrations below were from that train journey. I only had pens, pencils and some brush pens with me, so it encouraged me to try and create the different prints/ textures using the materials I had.

So now my plan/idea is to share an illustration weekly, or ideally, daily… I have always loved drawing fashion, and this is something I am hoping will sit alongside other things/ other work I am doing quite nicely. To start with I will illustrate from designers/ collections that I like. And through doing it, I know different approaches will arise, and different techniques. So I suppose I just want to try and keep it up and see where it goes. It is so easy to come up with an idea, and to start something….but quite different to see it through and keep at it. I am hoping that by making it sort of bitesize, I may actually be able to stick to it, and see where it takes me!

stay tuned. x
(more pics for now on my Instagram)


Tom Ford, Fall 2015.


Aston Martin launch, Edinburgh.

Aston M wip photo pencil

It may come as a relief to some of you, that this is going to be more of an image – orientated post rather than a lot of words!

As part of their official launch night towards the end of last year, I was asked by the Aston Martin garage in Edinburgh, to do a couple of illustrations involving Aston Martin, in some way. I didn’t have a lot of time to create the illustrations – which, sometimes actually works in my favour, a reasonable amount of pressure is usually a good thing for me when it comes to creating new work. At the same time, it can also go horribly wrong sometimes…

Thankfully they were really happy with both the illustrations I created. And it opened up my ideas for something I probably never would have worked on otherwise. The launch night itself was a rather swanky affair, with free flowing fancy cocktails and champagne, a four piece string quartet, teeny canapés, and of course all amidst a whole bunch of Aston Martin cars! (No I didn’t get a discount on a car as someone has asked me!)

Anyway, below are some work in progress pics, and the final image of one of the two illustrations. I have decided to split this post into two, so the scroll-situ isn’t ridiculous. The second illustration and a couple photos from the launch night are in another post here. Both the illustrations are available to buy as prints here.
You can also see a few more pics from the project on my Béhance portfolio here.


Aston M words 2 B&W


01 wip 2 H.Sharpe

IMG_2558Close up - H.SharpeEvent 04

You can see the other illustration in the next post here.
And if you are interested to see more of my work, here’s some links:


Thanks for looking! – Holly

Aston Martin launch, Edinburgh. – continued –

The second illustration I created for Aston Martin, Edinburgh, last year. See more details and the first illustration in the previous post here. Below are pics of the final illustration and a few photos from the actual launch night.

Aston M 02 close up - H.Sharpe

Watercolour - close up - H.SharpeEvent 01Event 02Event 05

10847830_776051825800251_7103502113698623830_nIMG_2646Aston M in situ

Aston Martin 02 - 72 dpi H.Sharpe

Prints available here.

– Holly