Behind the Design: Rainbow by Holly Sharpe

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Holly Sharpe is an artist and illustrator from Scotland, UK and she’s also a DENY artist. We had Holly sit down and answer a few questions to give us a peek into what makes her pencil drawings so captivating and what inspires her.

How do you stay creative? I try to keep my eyes and my heart open and awake to allow inspiration to come in from everywhere. From people, nature, music, writing, etc. This helps me to stay inspired and fuels my need to create. I pretty much always have ideas, too many in fact, so it is practice and experimenting and figuring out which ideas to pursue. Music and podcasts helped keep me motivated during days in the studio!

rainbow-artprintAbove: Rainbow by Holly Sharpe Oversized Art Print + Hanger

What are you inspired by? Everything. I know it is cliché, but it is true. Music always helps. Being in nature is…

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Design: Rainbow by Holly Sharpe

    • Hello Loren!
      They’re not strictly podcasts, unless you haven’t listened to ‘Serial’?? That one is great, but I finished it a while ago unfortunately.
      Now I listen to a BROAD range of stuff, from Woman’s Hour (radio 4) to these podcasts with creatives/ illustrators >
      And a lot of TED talks, and also youtube videos – usually either motivational stuff, Oprah (!) has done some great talks, and Tony Robbins. If I am going down the more ‘spiritual’ route, I will listen to youtube vidoes of Sadhguru, or Deepak Chopra, both have a lot of amazing stuff to say! They actually have a great one where they talk together>>
      So ye, I usually put videos on, but keep working so just listening to them talk as supposed to watching them. Oh and of course anything by Alain de Botton!!
      Hope that helps.
      take care,
      Holly x

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