Fashion Diaries: part 1

Fashion Diaries-front cover-H.Sharpe

I have had this in my head to start for a whiiile now…. and finally, over the Christmas holidays, when I took proper time off, switched off and relaxed, I did. Further into the holidays, I had an urge to start drawing. And lately I am trying to go with a feeling when it arises, when I feel like drawing, or painting, something in particular, I do it. And equally, when I don’t feel like drawing anything, I try to accept that and know that it will come back again, it always does. But that is exactly why I have to go with the momentum when it is there! And sometimes it does tend appear when I am most relaxed and feel no pressure to produce for a set purpose in mind, but just because I enjoy it. So, with a glass (or two!) of prosecco in hand, that is exactly what I did.

The idea first started on a train journey last year when I was on my way to teach a fashion illustration workshop… I feel really focused on trains because you can’t go anywhere, and have no distractions. So the two illustrations below were from that train journey. I only had pens, pencils and some brush pens with me, so it encouraged me to try and create the different prints/ textures using the materials I had.

So now my plan/idea is to share an illustration weekly, or ideally, daily… I have always loved drawing fashion, and this is something I am hoping will sit alongside other things/ other work I am doing quite nicely. To start with I will illustrate from designers/ collections that I like. And through doing it, I know different approaches will arise, and different techniques. So I suppose I just want to try and keep it up and see where it goes. It is so easy to come up with an idea, and to start something….but quite different to see it through and keep at it. I am hoping that by making it sort of bitesize, I may actually be able to stick to it, and see where it takes me!

stay tuned. x
(more pics for now on my Instagram)


Tom Ford, Fall 2015.



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