Good will prevail.


In light of the awful things that are happening/ have happened in Paris, and indeed all around the world, all the time, we must not give up hope. In my opinion violence is never the answer or solution to combat anything. So if you are feeling hopeless, please think that there IS something you can do, by cultivating HOPE and LOVE and spreading it to EVERYONE in your life, all the time, in this way, you can help. If you think this is silly, just try imagining if everyone you knew did this, to everyone they knew, all the time. I am not saying that the world would change over night, but there would inevitably be a positive impact.This may only be a small step, but if you do nothing else, at least do this. It is something we can all do, and demonstrates that we are not giving up, or giving in, but taking action in the right direction. And maybe from there more solutions will become apparent. The world does not need more anger, greed, jealousy or violence, it needs love, compassion, and HOPE.




Warriors – new illustrations

When I say new… I finished them back in August, in time for the Edinburgh festival, but due to the whirlwind that has been my life recently….! I have not yet posted them on here… until now.

I know what I want to say about them… sort of. But at the same time I am tempted to almost not write anything about them. So I will try and scratch the surface of what they meant to me, of what I was trying to capture, and which developed quite organically from the initial sketch, and leave the rest up to your own interpretation if you so wish…

Someone said to me at the festival, ‘wow, you must have put a lot of yourself into these’ – something along those lines. I knew exactly what they meant, and no one has actually put it to me like that before. I said, yes, yes I did!!! Because I did, (in a way I always do with all my work).. that is why I love them, I know they won’t be to everyone’s taste, but regardless I wanted them to be powerful, to grab your attention even if only to think whether you like them or not, to make you unable to turn away, when you see them in real life, the bigger print size the better, I want the viewer to stare, to not be able to ignore them, and to entice them in, and from there develop their own interpretation of what they see.

These were my way of pouring everything I had into something, and urging up these feelings of being a fighter. Of brushing off all the pain, all the things that have hurt me, annoyed me, of all the things I can’t change, of all the things that I feel and want to put across, something so strong that I can never put into words. I want to make that known. I may be fragile, delicate and extremely sensitive, and some aspects of these illustrations are too, hopefully you can see that in the detail, the lines. But the overall feeling is, hopefully, one of inner strength and courage.

I wanted to try and capture something that is touched upon a lot in my experience of Buddhism and yoga… this idea of being strong, but soft. Tough, but gentle at the same time. Keeping things light, but focused. Firm, but relaxed. To me it means you can be a warrior, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a fighter, physically, it doesn’t mean you have to be horrible to anyone, quite the opposite in fact. It is more about building up an unshakable core inside of you… exactly where no one can actually get to, in there, that should be made of rock… and in physical terms, with yoga anyway, the physical core has to be so strong to enable you to do so many of the asanas (poses), which in my eyes is one of many metaphors that yoga teaches you which directly translateS into instances in other areas of your life.

In my attempt to depict this strong, but delicate sense, I let each ‘Warrior’ become a little softer, a little less fierce and a little more ‘passive’ from I to V. So hopefully that is clear when you see them together. As well as the elements surrounding them… ie flowers, butterflies, and other fragile elements.

As much as this work seems to me a natural stepping stone from many of my earlier illustrations, I also feel like there has been a shift, in some ways, such as the colour (or lack of) being much more subtle, and sophisticated…

Anyway, I will stop there before I never stop.

If you would like to buy any of them as prints, they are available as limited edition giclée prints here OR click on the individual names under images for direct link to each print.
thanks again,


Warrior I close up -H.Sharpe.jpg

Warrior II close up

Warrior III close up 1 - H.Sharpe

Warrior IV close up - H.Sharpe


Warrior V + IV - print photo -H.Sharpe

Warrior II&IV prints - H.Sharpe