Drawing Fashion.

photo 2

Hello everyone, and hello April! Where the start of this year has gone, I do not know. But I am already happy about the lighter, longer, evenings, and the feeling of summer on the horizon (albeit the very distant horizon here in Scotland…).

Anyway, I have decided to set myself a kind of challenge, or focus at least, for the month of April – although I am guessing it will progress into other work after April as well. My plan, to coincide with the fashion illustration workshops which I will be doing in my studio in Glasgow this month, (see previous post) is to do as much new work on sketches and drawings/ illustrations in the realms of fashion illustration as I can! So far I have started with some pencil drawings, and I have in my head a few loose themes to work around to develop ‘collections’ of sorts: catwalk, editorial, lingerie, portraits and BIG dresses. I can already feel that the amount I want to do is most likely unrealistic for the time I will have – out with the other work and priorities which I have on… But hey, better to be ambitious right?!

Below is some of my work-in-progress so far… if this is something you’d like to see more of on here, please like / like on facebook/ tweet it so that I know that there is interest on here to post my progress throughout the month, and if not, I’ll stick to using mostly twitter and Instagram instead!

pencil 01 72 dpi Holly Sharpe
Pencil on paper
– I have since added pen to the one above, and may even experiment with colour too… or I’ll play around with it in Photoshop. Towards the end of all of this, I’d like to choose a few of my favourite to scale up into bigger paintings… For now it is all about sketching and trying different ways to develop the sketches!

pencil 03 72 dpi -HOLLY SHARPE photo 3At the moment, I think I actually prefer this one as the original pencil drawing… but again, it’s early days, so I will keep going with it and see where it takes me!

Thanks for stopping by,

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