Chloé Fragrances commission : behind the scenes

ImageSo, you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Marie Claire magazine back in January to do a ‘Rose Garden’ illustration for Chloé fragrances! The final artwork (as pictured above) is in the current issue (April) of Marie Claire, now. Below are some sketches and work in progress drawings leading up to the final artwork.

ImageSketching initial ideas and trying to get a grasp of the three different fragrances, all based on different rose types.


Pencil drawing, work in progress of what was to become the final illustration.Image

ImageAdding watercolour/ work in progress. Image

ImageAfter painting the final drawing, I then scanned it in and after much photoshopping and back and forth with different versions…. the final image was created! It really was a lovely commission to work on, basically drawing roses! There was, as always, more to it than that, I learn something from each and every project/ commission I do. I think the main thing I learnt with this one, was a new experience of working with a client, you have to realise that you are only part of the picture and that their input is equally as important as yours. If I was left to my own devices the final artwork probably would have turned out quite differently. I love that I was working with someone that pushed me and together we created something that they were happy with and felt really represented the Chloé brand and therefore my job as an illustrator is done! 😉




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