Getting ‘there’.



K.L Malaysia – from my year of travels 2009-2010.


Happy New Year everyone!!

I thought it was about time I created another post in my ‘new’ blog that ain’t so new anymore and so far only has one entry…. Needless to say I have thought about it a lot. And taken plenty of notes in my phone with ideas for blogs, but putting that all into action is a whole other thing in my world!

This post it just a little thought or thoughts that I have from time to time that I wanted to share with you. In a world now obsessed with quick fixes and a million games shows/ tv programmes/ lotteries/ competitions helping (or claiming) to get (a tiny fraction of) people rich or famous fast, I feel a lot of us have lost sight of what is important. I know that I have definitely been guilty of it from time to time, where I have been on a ‘mission’, always in a rush to get somewhere, to achieve something and make big things happen.  The thing is, I definitely don’t regret any of that, and if you follow my work you may see the evidence that this has started to pay off, and I have indeed managed to make a lot of my goals happen, and more, and quickly. However, now I have time to reflect and let all of this sink in, it has started to dawn on me that I can’t live like that forever, where you are constantly looking ahead, aiming for the next thing and forgetting to live in the moment (the best place to be!). Yes it worked then and I am glad of it, but now I am happy to take things a tad slower and enjoy the so-called journey.

If I look back at the past few years, or even further,  I can see clearly now what is meant by some of the, perhaps overused, quotes, such as, ‘It is not about the destination, it is about the journey’. You have to remember to enjoy the hard times and the good ones, the people along the way, the places, everything that helped you get to where you are today, just now or this time next year, or at the end of an achievement or goal. Because this is what actually matters, what drives us, and where, I believe, the real satisfaction and fulfilment comes from. Yes it feels great when you get ‘there’, wherever/whatever that may be, but let’s not neglect the getting there, after all, what is life but a huge collection of memories and experiences – sorry, had to get a little cheesy there.

I think we should also remember that everyone’s ‘journey’ is so different, ‘there’ is somewhere or something different for everyone, you cannot compare your life or your achievements to anyone else’s. For one thing, it will make you crazy, but also it is easy to look at someone else’s situation or circumstances and think that they are so much happier or successful than you, and often this is not the case at all. Everyone ends up with such different obstacles and opportunities that any comparison is simply not fair or rational.

I could go on, but I think I will stop my rambling there, if you have read to the end, thank you, I hope it was worth it in some small way!